The Pinwheel Project 2019

Each school day 46 children are diagnosed with Cancer.  This is 46 too many.  It’s time to change this.  On May 1st, we will be displaying one Pinwheel for each of these children on the Bedwell Elementary School playground – a rainbow of 46 pinwheels.

The Pinwheels will remain on display for 8 days – honoring Campbell’s 8 short years of life.

We invite you to sponsor a Pinwheel below and help us continue Cam’s Legacy of Love, Hope & Progress for kids fighting cancer.

If you have any questions, email Amy Hendershot


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More about the history of The Pinwheel Project:  this beautiful project was started 5 years ago by Campbell’s best friends and their families to honor their friend who had been stolen from them by Cancer.  They sold and planted 1,827 pinwheels near Cam’s Friendship Tree on their elementary school playground.  1,827 –  one for each day Campbell fought Cancer.  They had been part of Cam’s Birthday Bake Sale and knew that Campbell felt strongly about using her birthday to help other people.  They chose the Pinwheel Project as a way to continue those wishes.